At Karamadai in the foot hills of the Blue Mountains we have a small practice place. Mostly people who are stressed out in the market place come seeking for solace and to find more space within themselves and to gain clarity. It has been a home away from home for all who arrived at the gates of Nityanjali Symphony Of Values – Karamadai. It has been a place of refuge for several practitioners. We will be building a Zendo to build the infra structure for Seizanji at Karamadai. The primary components being a Zendo, a Buddha Hall, a Kitchen, Dining Room and Residential Area.


Close to the Home Town of Great Master Bodhi Dharma, in the little town of Tiruvannamalai, the Abode of the Sacred Hill of Arunachala we have a small retreat space for Personal Retreats. At Tiruvannamalai, silence is effortless. One has to be there and experience the land to know what it actually means.